Electric Motors and Generators: Single Phase Induction Machines

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2018 - 2019 On-line Individual: $180.00


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Electric Motors and Generators addresses issues essential to understanding the operation of electromagnetic machines (motors and generators). This series is designed for those who are concerned with the application, operation and control of motors and generators, including plant engineers and technicians, utility and consulting engineers, and manufacturers and sales representatives.

This course is the sixth course in the Electric Motors and Generators series and it addresses, Single Phase Induction Machines:
      - Fundamentals
      - Steady State Performance
      - Dynamic Performance

Successfully complete all 6 courses within a two year time period and receive an Electric Motors and Generators Series Certificate to acknowledge your competence in this topic area.

Purchase Options: Each course can be purchased separately. However, it is recommended that most students take all six courses, and in the recommended order (1,2,3,4,5,6), since there is some cross-referencing between courses.

Electric Motors and Generators Series: Six courses, 18 hours = 1.8 CEUs
     - Electric Motors and Generators - Fundamentals (V07F) 3 hours
     - Electric Motors and Generators - Three-phase induction machines (V07G) three hours
     - Electric Motors and Generators - Power electronic control (V07H) three hours
     - Electric Motors and Generators - Three-phase synchronous machines (V07J) three hours
     - Electric Motors and Generators - DC machines (V07K) three hours
     - Electric Motors and Generators - Single-phase induction machines (V07L) three hours

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Fee: $180.00

Fee Breakdown

Course Fee (Basic)2018 - 2019 On-line Individual$ 180.00
Optional FeeWorkbook (For Online Orders)$ 20.50

Distance Learning Course

Distance Learning Course


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