Roundabouts 101

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This course is intended to be the starting point for developing the professional skills necessary to be involved in the planning, design and construction of modern roundabouts. In order to achieve this goal, the course will focus on the modern roundabout as defined in a report of the National Cooperative Highway Research Project (NCHRP) of the Transportation Research Board (TRB). This report “Roundabouts: An Informational Guide” is considered as the second edition of the guidelines for roundabout planning, design and construction of the Federal Highway Administration in the US Department of Transportation. The report is referred to as NCHRP Report 672. The instructors suggest that all participants in this course either obtain a hard copy of the report or download it from the TRB website.  As a starting point for a career of professional development, the course will focus on single-lane roundabouts. Three modules of approximately one-hour each have been developed from the material in NCHRP 672. The sequence of the report chapters has been re-arranged in this course to fit the time constraint of each module. Each chapter of the report has been treated as a separate session of the total course content.  Participants, who successfully plan, design or construct their first few single-lane roundabouts, are encouraged to again review NCHRP 672 before they move onto more complex operations. Many of the reference materials in NCHRP 672 give guidelines for adding an additional lane for a particular movement in a roundabout and also for adding more lanes to create a multilane roundabout.

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Fee: $180.00

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Course Fee (Basic)2018 - 2019 On-line Individual$ 180.00
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Distance Learning Course

Distance Learning Course


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