Erosion and Sediment Control: Sediment Control

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Erosion and Sediment Control: Sediment Control-this course/module covers the process of sediment transport and deposition and various strategies to control sediment transport on construction sites. Course participants will: (1) gain an understanding of the sedimentation process and the influencing factors; (2) become knowledgeable on typical sediment control practices used in construction and their limitations; and (3) understand the installation and maintenance requirements of typical sediment control practices. Erosion and Sediment Control: Sediment Control is the third course/module in the series certificate:.

Design Fundamentals of Erosion & Sediment Control Measures for Construction Activities- 6 courses, 6 hours, .6 CEUs
     1. Erosion and Sediment Control: Rules and Regulations- (1 hr) V18K
     2. Erosion and Sediment Control: Erosion Control- (1 hr) V18L
     3. Erosion and Sediment Control: Sediment Control- (1 hr) V18M
     4. Erosion Control for Construction: Managing Runoff- (1 hr) V18N
     5. Erosion Control for Construction: Soil Loss Modeling- (1 hr) V18P
     6. Erosion Control for Construction: Site Planning and Management- (1 hr) V18Q

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Distance Learning Course

Distance Learning Course

Wesley Donald

Wesley N. Donald, PhD, Research Fellow IV, Dept. of Civil Engineering, Auburn University Wesley N. Donald is currently a Research Fellow in the Department of Civil Engineering at Auburn University. Dr. Donald received a Bachelors, Masters, and Doctoral degrees in Civil Engineering from Auburn University. The focus of his doctoral research was on the use of ditch check practices in channelized flow for controlling erosion on highway construction sites. Currently Dr. Donald is continuing his research in ditch check practices; is assisting in the testing of sediment barriers in sheet flow applications for evaluating ALDOT sediment barrier practices; evaluating catch basin inserts for urban runoff applications; provides training in erosion and sediment control technologies to industry practitioners; and is instructing undergraduate and graduate students in Introduction to Engineering, Construction Engineering and Management, and Erosion and Sediment Control Technologies in Construction.

Michael Perez

font size="2" face="Verdana">Michael A. Perez, Assistant Professor, Department of Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering, Iowa State University Michael A. Perez is an Assistant Professor in Iowa State University's Department of Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering specializing in construction and post-construction stormwater practices, methods and technologies. Perez earned his doctorate degree (2016) and masters degree (2014) in civil engineering from Auburn University. He earned his bachelors degree (2012) from Florida State University with a double major in civil engineering and environmental engineering. Perez also conducted research at the Auburn University – Erosion and Sediment Control Testing Facility, where he investigated and improved department of transportation (DOT) standard stormwater management practices using large-scale testing techniques. He has performed investigations into the application of using unmanned aerial vehicle technology for construction and stormwater inspections. In addition, he has industry experience managing a DOT MS4 program and designing low impact development and green infrastructure stormwater practices for roadway projects.

Wesley Zech

Wesley C. Zech is the Brasfield & Gorrie Associate Professor of Construction Engineering and Management in the Department of Civil Engineering at Auburn University. Dr. Zech attended the State University of New York at Buffalo where he earned a B.S. in Civil Engineering in 1995, a M.E. in Construction Engineering and Management in 1999, and a Ph.D. in 2004. He currently teaches courses in the areas of construction engineering, construction equipment and methods, and construction safety and health management. The focus of Dr. Zech’s research program is in the areas of work zone safety, construction safety, the use of geospatial technologies in construction, and erosion and sediment control.


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