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Bridge Design and Evaluation Professional CertificateVBRIDGEPC0.00
Bridge Design and Evaluation Professional CertificateVBRIDGEPCDVD0.00
Bridge Design and Evaluation Professional CertificateVBRIDGEPC230.00
Bridge Design and Evaluation Professional CertificateVBRDGPCDVD230.00
Bridge Design and Evaluation Professional CertificateVBRIDEPCD230.00
Business Essentials for Engineering ProfessionalsVBEEP1955.00Online Only
Design Fundamentals of Erosion & Sediment Control for Construction Activities Prof. Cert.VEROSEDPC0.00
Design Fundamentals of Erosion & Sediment Control for Construction Activities Prof. Cert.VEROSEDPC230.00
Electric Motors & Generators Professional CertificateVEMGPC0.00
Electric Motors & Generators Professional CertificateVEMGPCD0.00
Electric Motors & Generators Professional CertificateVEMGPC230.00
Electric Motors & Generators Professional CertificateVEMGPCD230.00
Electrical Power System Protection Professional CertificateVEPSPPC0.00
Electrical Power System Protection Professional CertificateVEPSPPCD0.00
Electrical Power System Protection Professional CertificateVEPSPPC230.00
Electrical Power System Protection Professional CertificateVEPSPPCDVD230.00
Electrical Power Systems Professional CertificateVEPSPC0.00
Electrical Power Systems Professional CertificateVEPSPCD0.00
Electrical Power Systems Professional CertificateVEPSPC230.00
Electrical Power Systems Professional CertificateVEPSPCDVD230.00
Essentials of Effective Problem Solving Professional CertificateVEEPSPC0.00
Essentials of Effective Problem Solving Professional CertificateVEEPSPCDVD0.00
Essentials of Effective Problem Solving Professional CertificateVEEPSPC230.00
Essentials of Effective Problem Solving Professional CertificateVEEPSPCDVD230.00
Fundamentals of Rocket Propulsion Professional CertificateVROCKETPCDVD0.00
Fundamentals of Rocket Propulsion Professional CertificateVROCKPCDVD230.00
Internal QMS Auditor (AS 9100) Professional CertificateVQMSAS9100PC0.00
Internal QMS Auditor (AS 9100) Professional CertificateVQMAS9100PCD0.00
Internal QMS Auditor (AS 9100) Professional CertificateVQMS9100PC230.00
Internal QMS Auditor (AS 9100) Professional CertificateV9100PCDVD230.00
Internal QMS Auditor (IATF 16949) Professional CertificateVQMSIATFPC0.00
Internal QMS Auditor (IATF 16949) Professional CertificateVQMSIATFPCD0.00
Internal QMS Auditor (IATF 16949) Professional CertificateVQMSIATFPC230.00
Internal QMS Auditor (ISO 9001:2015) Professional CertificateVQMSA9001PC0.00
Internal QMS Auditor (ISO 9001:2015) Professional CertificateVQMSA9001PCD0.00
Internal QMS Auditor (ISO 9001:2015) Professional CertificateVQMS9001PC230.00
Internal QMS Auditor (ISO 9001:2015) Professional CertificateV9001PCD230.00
Leadership Essentials Professional CertificateVLEADESSPC0.00
Leadership Essentials Professional CertificateVLEADESSPCD0.00
Leadership Essentials Professional CertificateVLEADESSPC230.00
Leadership Essentials Professional CertificateVLEDESPCDV230.00
PMI Authorized On-demand PMP Exam PrepVPMP23999.00
Power Quality Professional CertificateVPOWERQUALPC0.00
Power Quality Professional CertificateVPOWERQLPCD0.00
Power Quality Professional CertificateVPWRQUALPC230.00
Power Quality Professional CertificateVPWRQLPCD230.00
Quality Management Professional CertificateVQUALMGMTPC0.00
Quality Management Professional CertificateVQMGMTPCDVD0.00
Quality Management Professional CertificateVQUALMTPC230.00
Quality Management Professional CertificateVQLMTPCDVD230.00
Quality Management Professional CertificateVQMGMTPCWB230.00
Reinforced Concrete Design Professional CertificateVRECONCPC0.00
Reinforced Concrete Design Professional CertificateVRECONPCDVD0.00
Reinforced Concrete Design Professional CertificateVRECONPC230.00
Reinforced Concrete Design Professional CertificateVRECNPCDVD230.00
Risk Management Professional CertificateVRISKMGMTPC0.00
Risk Management Professional CertificateVRISKMGMTPCD0.00
Risk Management Professional CertificateVRSKMGTPCD230.00
Risk Management Professional CertificateVRISKMGTPC230.00
Signals and Systems Professional CertificateVSSPC0.00
Signals and Systems Professional CertificateVSSPCD0.00
Signals and Systems Professional CertificateVSSPC230.00
Signals and Systems Professional CertificateVSSPCDVD230.00
Statistical Methods for Process Improvement Professional CertificateVSTATMETHPC0.00
Statistical Methods for Process Improvement Professional CertificateVSTATMTHPCD0.00
Statistical Methods for Process Improvement Professional CertificateVSTATMETPC230.00
Statistical Methods for Process Improvement Professional CertificateVSTAMETPCD230.00

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2007 National Readjustment of the North American Datum 1983V08G_23180.00Ind Study
Accelerated Pavement TestingV13S_2340.00Ind Study
ADA Self Evaluations/Transition PlansV16F_23160.00Ind Study
Aggregate Properties and TestingV12J_2380.00Ind Study
An Overview of Electric Power Systems EngineeringV12A_23240.00Ind Study
Applied Mathematics for EngineersV09C_23360.00Ind Study
Asphalt Binder Tests & SpecificationsV10K_23160.00Ind Study
Asphalt Mix DesignV13A_23180.00Ind Study
Bicycle and Pedestrian FacilitiesV12D_23180.00Ind Study
Bridge Load and Steel GirdersV15R_23160.00Ind Study
Bridge LRFD DesignV15Q_23160.00Ind Study
Business Ethics II - Social Responsibility & Corporate PerformanceV10E_2390.00Ind Study
Business Ethics I - Ethical Challenges in BusinessV10D_23180.00Ind Study
Buying or Selling an Engineering or Land Surveying FirmV02C_23180.00Ind Study
Commercial Nuclear Plant RegulationV16J_23160.00Ind Study
Common Sense LeadershipV19A_23160.00Ind Study
Construction SurveyingV09D_23240.00Ind Study
Contract Administration: Change Order BasicsV03H_23300.00Ind Study
Contracts for Engineers and SurveyorsV10G_23180.00Ind Study
Customers & Quality PlanningV21M_23160.00Ind Study
Dealing with Human ErrorV17C_2380.00Ind Study
Decision-making Using Business MetricsV14P_23180.00Ind Study
Design of Steel and P/C GirdersV15S_23160.00Ind Study
Design of Structural Steel Members using LRFDV12G_23360.00Ind Study
Digital Marketing for Non-Marketing ProfessionalsV20K_23180.00Ind Study
Effective Marketing of Professional ServicesV10A_23180.00Ind Study
Effective Problem Solving MethodsV17A_22160.00Ind Study
Effective Quality Management SystemsV21K_23160.00Ind Study
Electric Circuit Fundamentals for Power ApplicationsV05A_23360.00Ind Study
Electric Motors and Generators: DC MachinesV07K_23180.00Ind Study
Electric Motors and Generators: FundamentalsV07F_23180.00Ind Study
Electric Motors and Generators: Power Electronic ControlV07H_23180.00Ind Study
Electric Motors and Generators: Single Phase Induction MachinesV07L_23180.00Ind Study
Electric Motors and Generators: Three Phase Induction MachinesV07G_23180.00Ind Study
Electric Motors and Generators: Three Phase Synchronous MachinesV07J_23180.00Ind Study
Electric Power System Protection: Component ProtectionV05I_23180.00Ind Study
Electric Power System Protection: Fault CalculationsV05G_23180.00Ind Study
Electric Power System Protection: FundamentalsV05E_23180.00Ind Study
Electric Power System Protection: HardwareV05H_23180.00Ind Study
Electric Power System Protection: Line ProtectionV05J_23180.00Ind Study
Electric Power System Protection: System ModelingV05F_23180.00Ind Study
Electrical Power Systems: Fundamentals ReviewV01F_23180.00Ind Study
Electrical Power Systems: LoadsV01H_23180.00Ind Study
Electrical Power Systems: Power Distribution SystemsV01G_23180.00Ind Study
Electrical Power Systems: ProtectionV01J_23180.00Ind Study
Engineering Economic AnalysisV07B_23180.00Ind Study
Erosion & Sediment Control Using GeosyntheticsV12E_23160.00Ind Study
Erosion and Sediment Control: Managing RunoffV18N_2380.00Ind Study
Erosion and Sediment Control: Rules and RegulationsV18K_2380.00Ind Study
Erosion and Sediment Control: Sediment ControlV18M_2380.00Ind Study
Erosion and Sediment Control: Site Planning and ManagementV18Q_2380.00Ind Study
Erosion and Sediment Control: Soil Loss ModelingV18P_2380.00Ind Study
Error Proofing EssentialsV17E_2380.00Ind Study
Essential Financial Skills 2V14T_23180.00Ind Study
Essential Financial Skills IV14K_23180.00Ind Study
Essentials of Energy ManagementV18A_23160.00Ind Study
Essentials of Measurement Systems AnalysisV18D_23160.00Ind Study
Essentials of Quality System AuditingV18B_23160.00Ind Study
Establishing Your Engineering/Surveying PracticeV10B_23180.00Ind Study
Ethics and ProfessionalismV10F_23180.00Ind Study
Evaluation and Rating of BridgesV15T_23160.00Ind Study
Failure Mode Effects Analysis (FMEA)V16P_23160.00Ind Study
Foundations for BuildingsV08J_2380.00Ind Study
Fundamentals of Electric Power EngineeringV20G_231440.00Ind Study
Fundamentals of Electric Power EngineeringV20G_221440.00Ind Study
Fundamentals of Operational AmplifiersV09A_2390.00Ind Study
Fundamentals of Roadway DesignV12C_23180.00Ind Study
Geodesy for Engineers and SurveyorsV03A_22360.00Ind Study
Geosynthetics - An Overview of DesignV08L_2380.00Ind Study
Geotechnical Failure LessonsV13P_2380.00Ind Study
Geotechnical Failures: Cases from the FieldV14C_2280.00Ind Study
Great Surveyors & Their SurveysV12B_20180.00Ind Study
Great Surveyors & Their SurveysV12B_23180.00Ind Study
Ground ImprovementV13N_23240.00Ind Study
History of Surveying Instruments: Impact and AccuracyV00D_2390.00Ind Study
History of the Government Land OfficeV08F_23180.00Ind Study
Hot Mix Asphalt CompactionV10J_2380.00Ind Study
Hot Mix Asphalt Delivery & PlacementV10H_2380.00Ind Study
Hot Mix Asphalt Paving Construction Specifications & Quality Control/AssuranceV10M_23180.00Ind Study
How to Change and Grow Your Engineering RevenueV21D_23160.00Ind Study
Improving Surveying Field Procedures Using the Total StationV05B_23360.00Ind Study
Introduction to Industrial RoboticsV15M_23160.00Ind Study
Introduction to Occupational ErgonomicsV14W_2340.00Ind Study
Introduction to Quality ManagementV21J_2380.00Ind Study
Introduction to Statistically Designed ExperimentsV20E_2380.00Ind Study
Landfill: Basics of Design and OperationV04L_23360.00Ind Study
Managing Change: A Process Model That WorksV16H_2380.00Ind Study
Managing Project Risk(s)V16Q_23160.00Ind Study
Marine Spatial Planning: An Introduction to Protecting Ocean and Coastal ResourcesV14M_2340.00Ind Study
Mobile Robots: Design and Operation for Real-World ApplicationsV15P_23180.00Ind Study
Numbers to PeopleV16A_230.00Ind Study
On Time: Project Scheduling BasicsV03D_23300.00Ind Study
Overview of Elements of Public Right-of-Way AccessibilityV16G_23160.00Ind Study
Pavement Management SystemsV10N_2380.00Ind Study
Power ElectronicsV08B_23180.00Ind Study
Power Quality: 60 Hz Voltage ProblemsV11K_23180.00Ind Study
Power Quality: Harmonics in Power SystemsV11L_23180.00Ind Study
Power Quality: TransientsV11M_23180.00Ind Study
Power Quality: FundamentalsV11J_23180.00Ind Study
Process Analysis for Problem SolvingV17B_2280.00Ind Study
Professional Ethics for the Land SurveyorV18F_23160.00Ind Study
Project ManagementV14N_23180.00Ind Study
Railroad Infrastructure & Mobility: Freight & PassengerV20F_23160.00Ind Study
Rectangular Land System: Subdivision of Public LandsV00F_2390.00Ind Study
Reinforced Concrete Design: Axial Compression and BendingV13J_23160.00Ind Study
Reinforced Concrete Design: Development, Anchorage, and Lap SplicesV13H_23180.00Ind Study
Reinforced Concrete Design: Flexure and ShearV13G_23180.00Ind Study
Reinforced Concrete Design: T-beams and Compression ReinforcementV14Q_22160.00Ind Study
Retaining Wall Design: Using GabionsV15K_23160.00Ind Study
Retracing and Proofing Original GLO Section CornersV13E_2390.00Ind Study
Reversing Urban Hydrology: Pervious ConcreteV16E_23160.00Ind Study
Review of Conduction and Radiation Heat TransferV15A_22160.00Ind Study
Review of Convection Heat TransferV15B_23160.00Ind Study
Rigid Retaining Wall Design: Geotechnical AspectsV14F_23300.00Ind Study
Risk Management EssentialsV16B_23160.00Ind Study
Risk Management: Tools & TechniquesV16C_23160.00Ind Study
Rocket Propulsion I: Fundamentals of Expanding Gas RocketsV20M_23180.00Ind Study
Rocket Propulsion II: Foundations of Solid Rocket Motor AnalysisV21G_23180.00Ind Study
Rocket Propulsion III: Liquid Propellant Rocket PropulsionV21H_23180.00Ind Study
Role of Engineers and Surveyors in GISV06G_23360.00Ind Study
Roundabouts 101V12F_23180.00Ind Study
Selling and Negotiating for the Technical ProfessionalV14L_23180.00Ind Study
Seven Simple Tools for QualityV21N_23160.00Ind Study
Shallow Foundations: Geotechnical Aspects of DesignV04H_23180.00Ind Study
Shallow Foundations: Structural Design of Spread FootingsV04J_23180.00Ind Study
Signals and Systems: Analog Transform ConceptsV06L_23180.00Ind Study
Signals and Systems: Discrete Transform ConceptsV06M_23180.00Ind Study
Signals and Systems: Fourier ConceptsV06K_23180.00Ind Study
Signals and Systems: FundamentalsV06J_23180.00Ind Study
Soil Basics for EngineersV00G_23360.00Ind Study
Soil Classification for Roads and EngineeringV08K_2380.00Ind Study
Soils for PavementsV06H_23360.00Ind Study
Solar PowerV13B_23180.00Ind Study
State Plane CoordinatesV01D_23180.00Ind Study
Stepper MotorsV18R_23160.00Ind Study
Storm Water Drainage System DesignV08A_23180.00Ind Study
Storm Water Hydrographs and Their UseV08C_23180.00Ind Study
Stormwater Infiltration Design with Pervious ConcreteV13C_23240.00Ind Study
Surveying with GPSV07D_23300.00Ind Study
Sustainable Pavements: Part 1V13L_23240.00Ind Study
Sustainable Pavements: Part 2V14J_23160.00Ind Study
Symmetrical ComponentsV13D_23180.00Ind Study
Technical Speaking: Presentation Skills for Engineers and Technical ProfessionalsV12K_23160.00Ind Study
Technically Speaking: Part 2- Leadership Essentials for Engineers and Technical ProfessionalsV14H_23160.00Ind Study
Temporary Traffic ControlV17H_23240.00Ind Study
Ten Essential: Common Sense Principles for BusinessV16D_23160.00Ind Study
The Art of Land SurveyingV11N_23180.00Ind Study
The Colonial Land System and the Building of AmericaV00E_2390.00Ind Study
The Pincushion EffectV07A_2390.00Ind Study
The Smart Grid: A PrimerV15F_22180.00Ind Study
The Use of Magnetic Instruments in Land SurveyingV11B_23180.00Ind Study
Tips for Auditing ISO 9001, IATF 16949 & AS 9100 Quality SystemsV18C_23160.00Ind Study
Tools for Problem SolvingV17D_23160.00Ind Study
Tort Liability and Ethics for Public AgenciesV03G_23300.00Ind Study
Understanding AS 9100DV17F_23160.00Ind Study
Understanding Boundary Law, Case Law and Principles of SurveyingV05C_23360.00Ind Study
Understanding IATF 16949V17G_23160.00Ind Study
Understanding ISO 13485: Medical Device Quality Management SystemsV22A_23160.00Ind Study
Understanding ISO 14001: 2015V16T_2364.00Ind Study
Understanding ISO 9001: 2015V16N_23160.00Ind Study
Understanding the Second Law of Thermodynamics for GasesV15H_23160.00Ind Study
Unpaved Low Volume Road Design, Construction and MaintenanceV04K_23540.00Ind Study
Using Data for Decision MakingV20D_23160.00Ind Study
Using Data for Process ImprovementV20A_23160.00Ind Study
Using Distributions for Process ImprovementV20B_2380.00Ind Study
Using Process Control ChartsV20C_23160.00Ind Study
Vertical Datums and LevelingV01C_23180.00Ind Study
When Disaster Strikes- Contingency PlanningV16R_2380.00Ind Study
Wind PowerV12M_23180.00Ind Study

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