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Business Essentials for Engineering ProfessionalsVBEEP1955.00Online Only

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ADA Self Evaluations/Transition PlansV16F_22160.00Ind Study
Bridge Load and Steel GirdersV15R_22160.00Ind Study
Bridge LRFD DesignV15Q_22160.00Ind Study
Business Ethics II - Social Responsibility & Corporate PerformanceV10E_2290.00Ind Study
Business Ethics I - Ethical Challenges in BusinessV10D_22180.00Ind Study
Contract Administration: Change Order BasicsV03H_22300.00Ind Study
Contracts for Engineers and SurveyorsV10G_22180.00Ind Study
Dealing with Human ErrorV17C_2280.00Ind Study
Decision-making Using Business MetricsV14P_22180.00Ind Study
Design of Steel and P/C GirdersV15S_22160.00Ind Study
Design of Structural Steel Members using LRFDV12G_22360.00Ind Study
Effective Problem Solving MethodsV17A_22160.00Ind Study
Erosion and Sediment Control: Erosion ControlV18L_2280.00Ind Study
Erosion and Sediment Control: Managing RunoffV18N_2280.00Ind Study
Erosion and Sediment Control: Rules and RegulationsV18K_2280.00Ind Study
Erosion and Sediment Control: Sediment ControlV18M_2280.00Ind Study
Erosion and Sediment Control: Site Planning and ManagementV18Q_2280.00Ind Study
Erosion and Sediment Control: Soil Loss ModelingV18P_2280.00Ind Study
Error Proofing EssentialsV17E_2280.00Ind Study
Essential Financial Skills 2V14T_22180.00Ind Study
Essential Financial Skills IV14K_22180.00Ind Study
Evaluation and Rating of BridgesV15T_22160.00Ind Study
Failure Mode Effects Analysis (FMEA)V16P_22160.00Ind Study
Foundations for BuildingsV08J_2280.00Ind Study
Managing Change: A Process Model That WorksV16H_2280.00Ind Study
Managing Project Risk(s)V16Q_22160.00Ind Study
Numbers to PeopleV16A_220.00Ind Study
Process Analysis for Problem SolvingV17B_2280.00Ind Study
Project ManagementV14N_22180.00Ind Study
Reinforced Concrete Design: Axial Compression and BendingV13J_22160.00Ind Study
Reinforced Concrete Design: Development, Anchorage, and Lap SplicesV13H_22180.00Ind Study
Reinforced Concrete Design: Flexure and ShearV13G_22180.00Ind Study
Reinforced Concrete Design: T-beams and Compression ReinforcementV14Q_22160.00Ind Study
Risk Management EssentialsV16B_22160.00Ind Study
Risk Management: Tools & TechniquesV16C_22160.00Ind Study
Seismic Design: Part 1- Structural Dynamics and Earthquake EngineeringV14B_22160.00Ind Study
Seismic Design: Part 2- Seismic Design for BuildingsV15E_22160.00Ind Study
Selling and Negotiating for the Technical ProfessionalV14L_22180.00Ind Study
Shallow Foundations: Geotechnical Aspects of DesignV04H_22180.00Ind Study
Shallow Foundations: Structural Design of Spread FootingsV04J_22180.00Ind Study
Technical Speaking: Presentation Skills for Engineers and Technical ProfessionalsV12K_22160.00Ind Study
Technically Speaking: Part 2- Leadership Essentials for Engineers and Technical ProfessionalsV14H_22160.00Ind Study
Ten Essential: Common Sense Principles for BusinessV16D_22160.00Ind Study
Tools for Problem SolvingV17D_22160.00Ind Study
Tort Liability and Ethics for Public AgenciesV03G_22300.00Ind Study
Understanding AS 9100DV17F_22160.00Ind Study
Understanding IATF 16949V17G_22160.00Ind Study
Understanding ISO 14001: 2015V16T_22160.00Ind Study
Understanding ISO 9001: 2015V16N_22160.00Ind Study
When Disaster Strikes- Contingency PlanningV16R_2280.00Ind Study
Writing Effectively: Written Communication Skill for Engineers and Technical ProfessionalsV14A_22160.00Ind Study

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