Common Sense Leadership

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"Never tell people how to do things. Tell them what to do and they will surprise you with their ingenuity."-Gen. George S. Patton Leading people is a tough job. I've been doing it for over three decades. Managing the most technically complex process is infinitely simpler than leading a team of only two or three folks, much less teams of tens or hundreds of people. There has been so much theory published on leadership that it's easy to get confused and chase the latest, greatest fad being hyped. This course is about common sense leadership based on experience that works; not about theory and fads. Fundamentals are timeless and these practical lessons are timeless. Learn from them and apply them to your workplace and experience success as a leader. Common Sense Leadership. Common Sense Leadership-Engineers and technical personnel are generally considered leaders in their organizations whether they are in management positions or not. Though not on the organizational chart as a manager, engineers often coordinate or lead project teams. Sometimes, because we are engineers, we can get enamored with complexity and theories. Leaders in all organizations need a common sense and practical approach that has been proven over time and NOT more theory or "touchy feely" psycho-babble.

This class is intended to help engineers, technical personnel and others in leadership positions to become more effective by focusing on common sense principles in a simple and fun way based on lessons learned in the real world. Real world examples are used throughout to illustrate the points and help you relate the principles to your organization and people.

The learning objectives are for participants to:
     1. Know the practical realities of leadership
     2. Identify potential issues and concerns
     3. Understand common sense principles
     4. Benefit from these 'lessons learned'

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Fee: $160.00

Fee Breakdown

Course Fee (Basic)2022 - 2023 On-line Individual$ 160.00
Course Fee (Alternate)2022 - 2023 DVD Individual$ 180.00

Distance Learning Course

Distance Learning Course

Davis Woodruff

Davis M. Woodruff, PE, CMC is an internationally recognized consultant, professional speaker and author. He grew up on a family farm in rural southern Alabama where his family also owned and operated a “country store.” From this background he earned a Chemical Engineering degree from Auburn University, became a Professional Engineer and Certified Management Consultant. He was a manufacturing executive with 3M for ten years and became the youngest manufacturing superintendent in the company prior to forming a management consulting company, Management Methods. Since 1984 he has served clients in 35 states and on 3 continents. From Vermont to Malaysia Davis’ clients include scores of large and small organizations. As a professional speaker, certified management consultant, published author, and professional engineer Davis Woodruff brings immediate benefits to businesses. These benefits include developing leaders; optimizing resource utilization; improving processes, quality and customer satisfaction; and saving time and $$$. Having authored three full-length books, over five dozen articles and multiple online professional development courses, Davis is on the cutting edge of today’s business world. Davis and Lynn have been married since 1970 and they have two daughters, two sons-in-law, three grandchildren and one dog. He is actively involved with his family, in his community and in his church where he leads an adult Bible Study class each week.


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